HT-TTM Project Office started to provide service as the Project Office of Hacettepe University in 2013 for the purpose of implementing project ideas of academicians, industrialists and entrepreneurs. HT-TTM Project Office offers project consultancy services to academicians to ensure their effective utilization from the national and international fund programs. Besides, it renders project consultancy services to firms. Our experienced team consists of specialists with experience in project preparation and execution in national and international fund programs.


* To track the national and international fund programs

* To announce the suitable fund programs for academicians, entrepreneurs and firms

* To perform one-to-one meetings with academicians, entrepreneurs and firms

* To evaluate the project ideas of the academicians, entrepreneurs and firms considering their R&D qualifications, infrastructure needs, scientific and economic effects and partner requirements and the project budget, and to channel them into appropriate fund programs

* To evaluate and organize the related program of the project application file according to rules and procedures

* To answer the questions of academicians, firms and entrepreneurs as part of the projects and to provide project consultancy services

* To make presentations about the national and international fund programs to Faculties, Institutes and Departments of the university and Organized Industrial Zones, clusters and other umbrella organizations


We provide consultancy and training services on project preparation to ensure the effective utilization of our academicians from the national and international fund programs. We direct the project subjects that originate from the collaborative works of the university and industry and are eligible for R&D to the most suitable national and international fund resources. We provide national and international project partners and mediate to give financial support when necessary.




        1001- Scientific and Technological Research Projects Funding Program

Purpose: To support the projects which comply with the scientific rules in order to generate new information, make scientific interpretations or solve the technological problems.

Who Can Apply:

Bachelor’s degree & Ph.D.

Private/Public Institutions – Undergraduate Education

Project Period:

Maximum project period is 36 months.

Project Budget: The upper limit of support is 720,000 Turkish lira.Project Incentive Premium (PTI): 1,500 Turkish lira/month

Application Dates: On March and September

          • 1002- Short Term R&D Funding Program

Purpose: To support the urgent, short-term and low-budget research and development projects that shall be executed at universities, research hospitals and research institutes/stations

Who Can Apply:

Universities/Research Institutes – Ph.D. students or Ph.D.

Research Hospitals – Specialty Degree in Medicine or Student of Specialty in Medicine

Support Period: up to 12 months

Support Amount: 45,000 Turkish lira

Application Periods: No time limitation.

         • 1003-Priority Subjects R&D Funding Program (Collaboration of University and Industry)

Purpose: To support and coordinate the result-oriented domestic R&D projects with traceable goals in preferred fields to be determined as part of the National Science Technology and Innovation Strategy, that monitor the dynamics of the relevant scientific/technological areas.

Who Can Apply:

Bachelor’s degree & Ph.D.

Private/Public Institutions – Undergraduate Education

Period and Budget: The maximum period of the small-size projects is 24 months whereas the maximum period of the medium & large-size projects is 36 months.

  • Small-Size Projects     : Up to 750,000 Turkish lira
  • Medium-Size Projects         :750,001 – 1,500,000 Turkish lira
  • Large-Size Projects     : 1,500,001 – 3,750,000 Turkish lira

Project Incentive Premium (PTI):2,500 Turkish lira/month

Application Periods: With invitation – 2 stages

         • 1005 – National New Ideas and Products R&D Funding Program

Purpose: To provide support to applied research and experimental and development projects to develop product/process/method/model that shall reduce the technological foreign dependency of our country and raise our competitive power.

Who Can Apply:

University – Bachelor’s degree

Private/Public Institutions/College – Undergraduate Education

Support Period: Up to 18 months

Support Amount: 300,000 Turkish lira

Application Periods on March and September.

         1007- Public Institutions Research Funding Program (Collaboration of University and Industry)

Purpose: To meet the needs of public institutions which can be provided with R&D or to solve the related problems of public institutions.

Who Can Apply:

Bachelor degree & Ph.D.

Private/Public Institutions – Undergraduate Education

Support Period: Up to 30-48 months

the support amount varies depending on the invitation.

Project Incentive Premium (PTI):2500 Turkish lira/month

Application Periods With invitation – 2 stages

      3501-National Young Researchers Career Support Program

Purpose: To promote the studies of young scientists with a Ph.D. whose careers have just started, by giving project support.

Who Can Apply: Bachelor degree & Ph.D., 7 years, different university

Support Period: Up to 36 months

Support Amount: 360,000 Turkish lira

Project Incentive Premium (PTI): 1500 Turkish lira/month.


There are several bilateral cooperation agreements in science and technology that were signed between the countries at intergovernmental or inter-enterprise levels. Mutual research projects are supported and tracked and financial contribution is made to the events such as joint scientific meetings, specialist changes, study visits, etc. as part of the relevant agreements. In addition to foreign trip support for bilateral cooperation projects, research support can be given by TÜBİTAK upon a request to the Turkish party.


Financial Support Programs

Ankara Development Agency gives financial support to the projects of private entities, non-governmental organizations, public institutions and organizations, universities, professional organizations with public institution status, local administrations and their associations, cooperatives and their associations and other real and legal persons provided that this is specified clearly in the annual work program and the related application guide

Application Period: March

Technical Support Programs

The following institutions can benefit from the technical support of Ankara Development ;

  • Local administrations and local administrative unions,
  • Universities, vocational schools, research institutes,
  • Other public institutions and organizations,
  • Professional organizations with public institution status,
  • Non-governmental organizations.


Technical support is provided by giving training, contributing to the preparation of program and project, assigning temporary skilled staff, giving consultancy and performing institutional activities for capacity building such as lobby activities and establishing international relations.



Clustering : Support given to mutual actions and activities of the firms for export such as mutual needs analysis, mutual learning (training and consultancy), mutual marketing (promotion, brand, trade delegation, matching) under the leadership of the Cooperation Institutions

Purpose: To encourage our firms to develop export strategies by making plans and programs with the coordination of the cooperation institution as part of a mutual vision perspective

Cooperation Institutions:

• Export Associations

• Provincial Chambers of Industry / Trade


• Technology Development Areas

• Organized Industrial Zones

• Industrial Zones

• Sectoral Manufacturer Associations

• Sectoral Foreign Trade Companies (SDŞ)

• Associations, unions or cooperatives founded by the manufacturers

  Support Amount:  75 %

  • EU Fund Programs

• Horizon 2020

  • Direct application to the European Commission
  • Products to be launched after 3-5 years
  • Multi-year
  • Greatest civil research program of the world
  • In at least 3 different EU member countries or associated member countries.
  • Consortia made up by various institutions such as Industrial Institution, SME, University, Research Center, NGO, etc.
  • Stand-alone researchers in the field of European Research Council (ERC) and Marie-Curie,
  • Stand-alone enterprises in the field of SME Instrument can apply for the H2020 Program.

Preferred Areas:

  • IPA Programs

IPA- Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance – A mechanism of the EU created for providing more efficient funds transfer to Western Balkans and Turkey. IPA assists the countries who undertook political and economic reforms on the path to the EU, in subjects such as the implementation and management of the programs.



Project Office Coordinator

Nilhan Duran

Assistant Project Expert


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